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It was on December 2019, when COVID 19 was first identified in Wuhan,
Very few had even considered it’s potential to become a full blown
pandemic that would cause widespread fear all across the world.
While governments of various countries failed to recognize the impact
it would have upon the entire functioning of the world, the virus
unfurled all across the globe. And India, being a neighboring country
to China, it was only a matter of time before it too fell prey to this
disastrous virus.
Gradually, India witnessed a rise in the number of covid affected
places. And soon after, almost the entire country got affected by it.
But there was one state in India which decided to deal with the
pandemic pre-planning strategies just to be away from the covid 19 map
which was slowly gripping over the globe. The North Eastern State of
Even before the Indian Government declared the countrywide lockdown,
Sikkim had already started taking necessary actions.
When coronavirus cases were surging in other countries, the state
didn’t wait for an announcement to start compulsory border screenings.
It started screening all entry points on a mandatory basis as early as
27th January 2020. People with foreign travel history were immediately
put on isolation.
Major political events started digitalizing after that.
On 5th March 2020, the state put a ban on the entry of all foreign
tourists and by 17th March 2020, entire Sikkim went into self-quarantine
Students and employees returning from other metropolitan cities like
Delhi and Mumbai had to home-quarantine themselves for 14 days.
Surveillance teams assigned to every village were tracking down people
who were hiding travel history.
And special concertina wires were installed at vulnerable borders to
prevent people from trespassing
These smart steps and people’s coordination resulted in something that
left the entire country in wonder. The state that shares its borders with
Tibet, West Bengal, Bhutan and Nepal, was almost untouched by COVID-19,
as on 17th April 2020.
Despite the undeniable risk, Sikkim government took upon the
responsibility of bringing home all those who were stranded outside the
State border. All the returnees, who were reportedly Covid positive were
immediately taken to the isolation center in STNM hospital avoiding any
community transfer of covid 19. With the facilities and reliability
provided in the state hospital , Sikkim was able to tackle its cases and
bring forth a sense of security among the people.
During the nationwide lockdown, when resources were scarce, the
Government of Sikkim took upon the task of distributing free rations to
its citizens.
Since many still had to earn for their livelihood, the state gradually
facilitated a way to continue their work . It mobilized a number of
vehicles on basis of even and odd numbers. Transport being one of the
few necessities, it helped to keep it afloat granting a sum of rs 5000 to
every taxi service workers of the state.
It also facilitated a number of shops to continue businesses for a given
time frame each day.
Since economy is toppling all across the Globe, the state of Sikkim has
undergone formation of so called “economic revival committee” which aims
on intercepting the current economic situation and finding ways to
revive businesses and boost economy in Sikkim.

There are some other places in India which has very few corona virus
cases. As per the Government website, Northeastern states of Nagaland,
Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh has only one confirmed case till date. Same
goes for the union territory Dadra and Nagar Haveli. Manipur and Tripura
have two cases reported each.
Prevention is better than cure! This axiom actually proved to be a savior
for these northeastern states. People of other states should also follow
their footsteps and strive to make the country virus-free as early as it
can get.


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